How to get Dubai Saada card and Download the Application.

Dubai announced a special card for the tourists named Saada card. Now all the tourist who arrived in Dubai can use this card. Below you can see the features and how you can get this card and usage of this card.

How to get the Saada card

  • Tourist who arrived in Dubai will get the card.
How to use this card.
  • Tourist want to download the Al saada application by scanning the barcode using the tourist smartphone.
  • Enter the passport number, date of arrival  in the application and the application will generate a smart card.
  • The smart card is under the tourist name.
  • Through this app tourist can see all the discount and they can access the complete promotion and discounts offered by the Alsaada.
Validity and Expiry
  • The tourist left the country then the card also expired.
  • Tourist can get new one for next arrival.
Items included in Al saadacard.
  1. Restaurants, health , travel and tourism, health and beauty  vehicle, technology and communications, online shopping,entertainment , home essentials,wedding and events, retail and malls and fashion.
  2. Through this application tourist can get many features and they can easily locate the offers near by.
  3. Through this app tourist can locate the shops and find the sales.
  4. Through this app tourist can easily review the offers.
Document Required.
  1. Passport number
  2. Date of arrival.

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